Supplemental Nutrition Assistance for Women, Infants & Children (WIC) is nationally recognized for improving access to nutritious foods and promoting healthier lifestyles. Women, infants, and children access nutrition and health screenings and assessments, nutrition education and counseling, breastfeeding support and promotion, referrals to other existing Indiana health, family and social services, and supplemental healthy foods designed to meet special nutritional needs.


WIC Eligibility

To become eligible for Indiana WIC benefits, an applicant must meet the following requirements as listed below in the WIC Income Guidelines (Brochure):

  • An applicant must be an Indiana resident. The Indiana WIC Program currently works with approximately 150 non-profit clinics in all 92 counties to provide Indiana WIC services to applicants.
  • An applicant must be “categorically” eligible. The Indiana WIC Program serves:
    • Pregnant Women
    • Breastfeeding Women (up to baby’s 1st birthday)
    • Non-Breastfeeding Postpartum Women (up to 6 months)
    • Infants (up to their 1st birthday)
    • Children (up to their 5th birthday)
  • An applicant must be “at nutritional risk.” The specific criteria and parameters that indicate risk are determined by a health and dietary assessment performed by a health professional at the time of certification.
  • An applicant must be “income” eligible. Families receiving Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF are income-eligible for the Indiana WIC Program. If you are not a member of these other programs, check the income chart below to see if your family might qualify.

2024 WIC Income Guidelines

Household* Size

Annual income up to $
(total before deductions)

Monthly income up to $
(total before deductions)

Weekly income up to $
(total before deductions)

































Each additional family member, add

+ $9,953

+ $830

+ $192

    • If you are pregnant, count yourself as two (2).
    • For households with more than 8 members, add $9,953 annual income for each additional member.

*Household means a group of people (related or not) who are living as one economic unit.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

A parent, guardian or caregiver of an infant or child who is applying for WIC.

The infant(s) or child(ren) who is applying for WIC.

Immunization record(s) for the infant(s) or child(ren) up to age 2 years applying for WIC

    Proof of Identity for the parent, guardian or caregiver, and the infant(s) or child(ren) applying for WIC.

    For example:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Driver’s license
    • Hospital Record
    • Immunization Record
    • Photo ID
    • Marriage license

    Proof of Address

    For example:

    • Bill or business letter addressed to you
    • Current driver’s license or photo ID
    • Rent receipt

    Proof of Income (for everyone in the household who works or has a source of income)

    For example:

    • All paycheck stub(s) for the past 30 days
    • Award letter for alimony, child support or social security (including SSI)
    • Unemployment or worker’s compensation

    You may automatically be income eligible if you or certain family members participate in Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

    • Proof of eligibility is needed:
      • Medicaid card
      • Award letter for TANF or SNAP


    Nutritious Foods

    Participants receive an eWIC card to buy specific nutritious foods at grocery stores. WIC food packages are issued to participants based on their nutritional needs. WIC supplements participant’s diets with these nutritious foods:

    • Milk
    • Cheese
    • Eggs
    • Cereal
    • Juice
    • Dried or canned beans
    • Peanut butter
    • Whole grain bread, tortillas or brown rice
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Tofu
    • Yogurt

    WIC encourages women to breastfeed as the most nutritious way to feed their babies. Mothers who fully breastfeed their babies are issued a larger food package that includes canned light tuna, pink salmon, or sardines. Totally breastfed babies will receive infant cereal and jars of baby food fruits, vegetables, and meats at six months of age.

    Infants who are not breastfed receive supplemental amounts of iron-fortified formula, and beginning at six months of age, they will receive infant cereal and jars of baby food fruits and vegetables.

    Nutrition Education

    Good nutrition is essential to good health, and the Indiana WIC Program offers a range of health and nutrition education services for families to help participants put healthy behaviors into action. Nutrition education is provided in Indiana through various methods, including one-on-one contacts, group classes, and online nutrition education lessons. These services are customized to each family’s needs and interests and include:

    • Infant feeding
    • Breastfeeding
    • Prenatal Weight Gain
    • Postpartum Weight Loss
    • Picky Eaters
    • Anemia


    A specific function of the Indiana WIC certification process is to make referrals for Medicaid and other social service programs. Although the Indiana WIC Program does not provide health care, Indiana WIC will refer all applicants to health care providers as appropriate. Some of the referrals include:

    • Medicaid
    • TANF
    • SNAP
    • Maternal and Child Health Programs
    • Expanded Food and Nutrition Program offered by Cooperative Extension Services
    • Hoosier Healthwise
    • Healthy Families
    • County Health Departments for Immunizations
    • Child Support Enforcement
    • Local Drug Treatment Centers
    • Health Care Provider Offices including Private Offices and Community Health Centers
    • Local Food Pantries and Shelters

    Breastfeeding Support

    Participants receive encouragement and instruction in breastfeeding. In many cases, breastfeeding women are provided breast pumps free of charge. WIC helps participants learn why breastfeeding is the best start for their baby, how to breastfeed while still working, dad’s role in supporting breastfeeding, tips for teens who breastfeed, how to pump and store breast milk, and much more.

    Download the Indiana WIC App

    Search “IN WIC” or “Indiana WIC” at the App Store or Google Play. With the app, WIC participants can:

    • Check their benefit balance
    • Scan UPC Codes while shopping to see if the item is WIC-approved
    • Get alerts for appointment reminders and expiring benefits
    • Find WIC-approved stores and the nearest WIC clinic