Support Us

Welcome, Supporters!

We are so grateful for your commitment to helping CoAction achieve its mission of providing opportunities, resources, and respect for those experiencing financial hardship. Without supporters like you, the important work we do in our community would not be possible.

As a supporter, you play a vital role in creating meaningful impact. Your investments of time, talent, and financial resources…

…. help a teacher get a fair small dollar loan.

…. create housing for a family of three.

…. turn the lights on for a 3rd grader to do her homework.

…. help babies get the nutrition they need.

…. help a senior who doesn’t know how to sign up for Medicare.

…. help a friend find care for their aging dad.

…. build a ramp for a senior in a wheelchair.

…. make a home more efficient so a single mom can afford electricity.

…. support a promise to our neighbors that they are not alone.

Your ongoing support also allows us to respond quickly during times of crisis or increased need.

We do not take your support for granted. You have chosen to stand with us because you share our values and vision for the community. You inspire us with your compassion. And you motivate us through your dedication to creating change.

As part of our community of supporters, you have special opportunities to engage with our work. We frequently hold volunteer activities, host behind-the-scenes tours, provide email updates on our progress and more. We want you to fully understand and feel connected to the programs your contributions make happen.

Your role as a supporter is not just important; it’s essential. Your support is the backbone of our mission, and we are deeply grateful for it.

We look forward to working together to ensure everyone in Northwest Indiana can flourish, regardless of income, ability, or age. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions. Thank you again for your support!