Service Providers

CoAction works with other organizations to provide services to:

  • low-income individuals and families
  • individuals who are elderly and/or disabled
  • family caregivers

Current Providers

If you are a current provider, please ensure that we have up-to-date contact information.

To change your address, please submit an updated W-9 to .

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If contact persons have changed for your organization, please use this form to submit updated information.
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How Can I Become A Provider?

CoAction contracts with four types of service providers.

  1. Home & Community-Based Service Providers: These providers serve older adults and individuals with disabilities in their homes or in community-based settings.  CoAction purchases the service from these providers for an established unit rate.
  2. Community Services Intake Providers: These providers conduct application and eligibility activities for our Community Services programs, including Energy Assistance.
  3. Weatherization Contractors: We contract with HVAC and Shell contractors to perform home weatherization services in Lake County.
  4. Older Americans Act Service Providers: These services include Senior Nutrition Services, Legal Services, and Transportation Services as described in the Older Americans Act.  Contracted providers for these services receive an annual allocation that cannot be exceeded.  These providers also must provide matching dollars as part of their contract.

To apply as a Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS) or Community Services Intake Provider:

CoAction uses an application process to review and approve new providers. 

At this time, all HCBS Providers must be Medicaid Waiver Certified before contracting with CoAction. For additional information about Medicaid Waiver Certification, please contact the Indiana Family Social Services Administration or visit the Indiana Home and Community Based Services Waiver website.

Follow the steps below to complete and submit your application.

Call Shanika Mosley, Quality & Business Relations Manager, at 219-265-1379.  Shanika will review the process and upcoming deadlines with you.

  • Complete Section 1: Applicant Information.

Complete our Computer Hardware and Software Form.

(Our providers connect to our network for billing and other purposes.  Gathering this information in the proposal helps us ensure that a potential provider has compatible equipment and necessary safeguards in place.)

Complete Section 2. Download the application packet each service you provide from the list below.

The entire proposal (Section 1 AND the Service Specific section) should be scanned into a single PDF document. This step should be completed for each service proposed – the same section 1 may be scanned and utilized for each proposed service if applicable. This includes the following documents scanned together in the following order:

    1. Section 1 – Applicant Information, along with all attachments requested therein (Financials, Current W9, Current Insurance, etc.)
    2. Section 2 – Service Specific (ex: Meal Prep. & Catering, and/or Licensed Personal Services Agency, etc.), along with all requested attachments (Medicaid Waiver Certification, In-Kind Donations Rationale, Current Health Permit/State License, Training Documentation etc.)
    3. Documentation of Computer Hardware and Software


Save each application package with a name designating the service proposed in this format: [Company Name] – [Proposal Type]. For example: “Acme Aging Services – Congregate Meal Site” or “Acme Aging – Licensed Personal Services Agency”.

Attach proposal document(s) in PDF FORM to an email and send to . If your email service provider allows, please request a delivery confirmation and a read receipt when sending the email.

CoAction cannot receive emails larger than 10 megabytes. If you are submitting multiple applications, you may need to send more than one email. If the total file size of the proposal documents scanned together into one singular file exceeds 10MB, we recommend separating the proposal into sections and then scanning each section separately. Please keep the number of files to a minimum and ensure they are labeled (Ex: “Acme Aging Congregate RFP 1”; “Acme Aging Congregate RFP 2”; etc.)


Type Service Packet
Home & Community Based Services Home Repair & Maintenance Packet
Home & Community Based Services Home Health Supplies and Assistive Devices Packet
Home & Community Based Services Licensed Home Health Agency (Skilled Nursing, Respite Nursing, Home Health Aide, Respite Home Health Aide, Attendant Care, Homemaker) Packet
Home & Community Based Services Licensed Personal Services Agency (Attendant Care, Homemaker, Respite Services) Packet
Home & Community Based Services Personal Emergency Response Systems Packet
Home & Community Based Services Pest Control Packet – Section 1 is not required
CHOICE Home & Community Based Services Structured Family Caregiving Packet
CHOICE Home & Community Based Services Integrated Healthcare Coordination Packet
CHOICE Home & Community Based Services Therapy and Counseling Services Packet
Community Action Community Services Intake Packet

To apply as Weatherization Contractor:

CoAction only accepts applications for Older Americans Act services periodically.  If you are interested in being notified when these applications will be accepted, please contact Shanika Mosley, Quality and Business Relations Manager. 

CoAction operates a Weatherization Program for low-income individuals. This program is designed to maximize the energy efficiency of homes primarily through stopping infiltration, insulating attics, installing sidewall insulation, insulating hot water heaters, furnace tune-ups, and repairing or replacing combustion appliances.

CoAction partners with HVAC Contractors and Shell Contractors to complete Weatherization work.  If you are interested in providing Weatherization Contractor services, please click the bid packet button above. 

To apply as an Older Americans Act Provider:

CoAction only accepts applications for Older Americans Act services periodically.  If you are interested in being notified when these applications will be accepted, please contact Shanika Mosley, Quality and Business Relations Manager. 

Application Review

Applications must meet all requirements as detailed in application instructions.

Threshold Review:

Reviewers will determine whether each Applicant meets the minimum criteria for review of their proposal, including:

  • Evidence of good standing with the Indiana Secretary of State; and
  • Evidence of financial soundness, as determined by CoAction in its sole discretion
  • Submission of all required Proposal components and Attachments

Applications that do not meet one or more of these criteria may be eliminated from consideration.

Incomplete applications, applications containing errors or inconsistencies, lacking required sections, or other process errors or deficiencies, may constitute cause for rejection. CoAction may request clarification or additional information from the applicant at any point during the application process.

Based on the results of our evaluation, the qualifying proposals determined to be the most advantageous to CoAction may be selected for further action.  Successful applicants shall be required to enter into a written agreement with the CoAction and comply with all requirements detailed in the Service Definition(s), RFP materials and subsequent contract document(s).  However if CoAction decides that no proposal is sufficiently advantageous to CoAction, then CoAction may take whatever action is deemed necessary to fulfill its needs.  If, for any reason, a proposal is selected but it is not possible for CoAction to consummate a contract with the Applicant, CoAction may begin contract preparation with another quality Applicant or determine that no such alternate proposal exists.

Applicants will be notified in writing, by mail or email, of CoAction’s decision.


Anyone with specific questions regarding a proposal or the proposal process can reach out to Shanika Mosley, Quality and Business Relations Manager.

Phone: 219-265-1379