Overcoming Economic Adversity: One Family’s Story

Last year, CoAction met a family of four: Maria, her husband Jose, and their two young children, Anna and Carlos. They lived in a small apartment and worked hard every day to make ends meet. However, despite their best efforts, they struggled to make enough money to pay their bills and put food on the table.

Maria worked two jobs as a waitress and a cashier at a local grocery store, while Jose worked long hours as a construction worker. They were both exhausted and barely had any time to spend with their children. Despite their hard work, they still found it difficult to afford even the basic necessities.

One day, while Maria was working her shift at the grocery store, she noticed a flyer for CoAction’s services to help people improve their financial situation. She decided to attend one of the classes, hoping to gain some insights into how to manage their finances better.

At the class, Maria met with a specialist who helped her create a budget plan and taught her how to save money on their monthly bills. Meanwhile, Jose was referred to and attended job training classes at another organization to learn new skills that could help him find higher-paying work.

With CoAction’s help, the family began to see improvements in their financial situation. They were able to pay off some of their debts and, by enrolling in CoAction’s Individual Development Accounts (IDA) program, start saving for a down payment on a home. They also found ways to spend more time together as a family, such as taking walks in the park and cooking meals together.

After several months of hard work and dedication, Maria was offered a promotion at the grocery store, and Jose found a higher-paying job as a supervisor at a construction company. With their combined efforts and the help of IDA, they were able to save enough money to buy a small house in a nearby town.

Their new home was modest but cozy, and the family was overjoyed to finally have a place of their own. Anna and Carlos were thrilled to have a backyard where they could play, and Maria and Jose were relieved to be able to provide a stable and comfortable home for their children.

Thanks to the help from CoAction and their own hard work, Maria and Jose were able to overcome their challenges and build a better life for themselves and their family. They say they will never forget the opportunities, resources, and respect they received at CoAction, and they want to always pay it forward by helping others in need.