How to Vote

Ensure your participation in democracy by registering to vote today. Whether you choose the convenience of mail-in voting or the tradition of casting your ballot in person, your voice matters. Request your mail-in ballot for voting from home or find your polling place to vote in person and engage directly with your community. Voting is a fundamental right and civic duty that empowers you to shape the future and ensure your interests are represented.

Secure Your Voice: Register to Vote Today
Registering to vote is the first step in making your voice heard in the democratic process. Ensure you’re eligible to participate in upcoming elections by completing your registration. It’s quick, easy, and essential for having a say in the issues that matter to you.

Choose Your Voting Method

Flexible Voting: Choose the Method That Works for You
Voting is made easy with options that suit your lifestyle. Whether you prefer the convenience of mail-in voting or the experience of casting your ballot in person, you have the flexibility to choose how you participate in democracy. Explore your voting options and select the method that best fits your needs.

Mail-In Voting: Request Your Ballot

Vote from Home: Mail-In Voting Made Simple
If you prefer to vote from the comfort of your home, mail-in voting is a reliable and secure option. Request your mail-in ballot, follow the instructions, and return it by the deadline to ensure your vote counts. 

In-Person Voting

Vote in Person: Find Your Polling Place
Experience the tradition of voting in person by visiting your local polling place. It’s a great way to engage with your community and ensure your ballot is cast directly. Check the location and hours of your polling place to prepare for voting day. Find your polling place here.