Empower Your Vote: Your Guide to Participating on Election Day!

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Ensure your participation in democracy by registering to vote today. Whether you choose the convenience of mail-in voting or the tradition of casting your ballot in person, your voice matters. Request your mail-in ballot for voting from home, or find your polling place to vote in person and engage directly with your community. Voting is a fundamental right and civic duty that empowers you to shape the future and ensure your interests are represented.  Get ready to vote today!

Easily find your designated polling place using our address-based search tool. Enter your address to discover where you can cast your vote in person. Ensure you’re prepared for election day by knowing exactly where to go to participate in the democratic process. Your vote counts—find your polling place now.

Learn where candidates running for office in your community stand on important issues. Only candidates that appear on your ballot, based on the address you enter, will be listed. You can print, email, or text the information to use as a reference when you actually vote. This is a safe tool to make you feel more confident on November 5th. Click here to learn more.